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Мистические представления о мире Ми́стика — вера в существование сверхъестественных сил, с которыми таинственным образом связан человек. Сюда же относится и любая религиозная практика, вера в Бога (или богов, духов, и других нематериальных сущностей).

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По умолчанию Мисс Россия

Друзья, то что я теперь буду писать Вам может казаться быть нонсенсом.
Вы все знаете «Мисс Россия». Там находится несколько странных вещей, о которых я писал в моей книге «Reversed Meaning». Но кажется, что их повод надо или по крайней мере можно искать в работе тайных обществ, правящих этим миров. Но конечно, что им всем правят Адские люди, тождественно как всему человеческому обществу. Но они хотели, чтобы я написал, что это была работа Адских людей, и они бы сказали, что это была работа какого-нибудь тайного общества мировой безопасности. Если Вы хотите узнать об этом больше, вот коллекция статей, в которых находится «Reversed Meaning» и другое. Хотя эта книга на английском, в файле как бонус ещё «Ваше я — Ваша любовь» на русском:


Вот ещё объяснение на английском:

Dear Reader!

Please feel free to view and study this collection of writings and videos. However, I must let you know that strange people have touched my PC (for instance there was a file in the directory of my torrent files that I did not place there or somebody moved my secret personal writing from my flash memory and other things) and I cannot fully exclude the possibility that something in my works was changed, even if it was the date of creation or file size only. But I hope that the people had only copied the files from my PC and they did not change them.
I have enemies and by means of a very clever psychology they have even abused one close person of mine who I have always had a worse relationship with (a "witness" from my secret book who was a key person, therefore it was important to worsen our relationship and to gain his co-operation, but here I cannot tell you all the sad details) for doing some of their evil things about me (he had also let them access my personal things and create the environment of psychological fear, but so far he seems to be under the oath of secrecy).
I believe that they have found more clever ways how to use my secret book, "The Other Kind", against me. They were observing my secret works as they were developing and, now and then, they were arranging some situations to confuse me and/or decrease the strength of the story I was writing.
For example, they can stand in the background of "Bitdefender 13/3"-like actions described in "Reversed Meaning" and similarly. As a result, some of listed experiences in which I claim that it was about Hellish people, it in fact was about the members of secret psychological research or secret services (both these kinds are directed by Hellish people), the members of which were using the same gestures, numbers, graphical elements and smells like Hellish people and later they can say that what I have considered to be Hellish people, were only normal people doing their secret work.
One way or other, in my writings I have tried to discover and describe many surprising and evil things related to Hellish people, but my knowledge of them is limited and another problem is a bit worse functionality of my brain (after chemical attack), so that some typos, errors and worse style of writing occur in my writings regularly. Apart from it, another handicap is the lower quality of English, since it is my second language.
In conclusion, despite the amateurish level of my works, you will learn a lot of interesting things and the horizon of your knowledge will get widened. On the other hand, although readings about evil things are more or less harmful most of the time, in this case it is something what normal people should get to know about, since their ignorance of this is often abused and, apart from it, their proper and complex spiritual development needs some superficial information about the nature of Hellish people and of their Hell.

There is a chance that "the adaptation of Hellish people" described in "Reversed Meaning", "Part III. - Some theory" (including the "Miss Russia" and other) was arranged by the world's secret services who will later "let all the normal people know", that there are no Hellish people.
However, the world's secret services are managed by Hellish people and they can create a situation, in which my theory about Hellish people can get two main possible versions accordingly to what will be wanted by them who rule this world:
1. Something like this is improbable and what I was taking for Hellish people were normal people, or 2. There can be something like Hellish people. For the first option they have even gained for co-operation some people from my neighborhood who I have mentioned in "The Other Kind".
As a matter of interest, the secret services were recording me during buying in the shops including several pharmacies where were drugs with Hellish numbers for Hellish prices and I was hesitating to buy it. Apart from it, they have videos from my home where I am trashing e.g. a soy-sause, because the warranty date was 18.03., which reminds one case from "Reversed Meaning" & "The Other Kind". Or they put my favorite tea in 3 packages into the shelf in a shop and they were recording me hesitating for a longer time either to buy it or not. But the true reason for this behavior of mine were my old experiences, in which Hellish people sometimes indicated before selling poisoned cigarettes to me, that something is wrong.
Then there were another mysteries. My software only wanted to give my collection of files a Hellish number and when I have changed the size of one file, the result was such a Hellish number again. Or several times I have encountered some smell released before me that was not the Hellish detrimental stuff, but something else and the secret service that had probably released it wanted me to write into "The Other Kind" that it was Hellish people who have released it before me.
Then apart from drugs and harmful gases there was a sharp thin object in my food (it had stuck between my teeth but who knows if there is something what I have swallowed and what had stuck in my belly; some time before it, somebody repeatedly said to me: "Somebody even does not know, what he is swallowing", which was strange, but maybe the secret service told it to that person to tell that to me to let me take this action for a Hellish one) or some white pieces of something were put into my sugar (these actions could be that of secret services who however in fact follow a hidden and officially non-existing goal of Hellish people who manage them).
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